Why do you advise against giving up black cats and dogs for adoption in October?

Some cults get black and white dogs or cats to put them in the middle of their rituals and even reach them. sacrifice

“We have seen animal remains and candles in the ritual walls, all perfectly arranged for a… altar‘, they say of a protectionist organization in Argentina. “In general, those who do ugly things don’t do it in full view of everyone, they don’t leave any traces, that’s why the remains are found on the fences or in the river,” they add.

Given the situation, animal life organizations have made recommendations to integrity of pets before giving them up for adoption.

Before the animals are transferred, Research good for potential adopters: view their social media profiles, google the names of the adopters, if possible; to wear to pets at home and then realize trace of adoption. These are some of the indications.

Source: El heraldo