Report: European coastal cities hardest hit by rising sea levels –

The warmer the earth, the greater the risk of sea and river flooding. Scientists estimate that flood damage to Europe’s coasts could increase tenfold by the end of this century.

Important notice for the Netherlands

For a coastal country like the Netherlands, this is one of the most important caveats in today’s report. Southern European countries in particular suffer from the negative effects of heat and drought. Agriculture there will suffer “significant losses” over the course of a century. With a warming of 2 degrees Celsius, more than a third of the population of southern Europe will face water shortages, according to the authoritative report from the IPCC.

Heat also increases the risk of wildfires and disrupts ecosystems. If global warming continues unchecked and rises above 3 degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial era, the death toll from heat stress in Europe will rise sharply. According to the report, two to three times more people will die from heat stress than in the scenario where warming is limited to 1.5 degrees.

Source: RTL