“Russia’s advance slowed down by fierce Ukrainian resistance and logistical problems” –

The war in Ukraine has been going on for three days and, according to the British and Americans, Russian soldiers are now 30 kilometers from the capital Kiev. But according to some experts, Russia’s progress appears to have been slowed by problems with the supply of goods and fuel. In addition, the Russians encountered fierce resistance from the Ukrainian army.

The Kremlin said this afternoon that the offensive by Russian troops was halted yesterday at the request of President Putin. Russia would await peace talks with Ukraine, but that country would refuse to sit at the negotiating table. It has therefore been decided to continue progress “again according to plan”, according to the spokesman for the Russian government.

An adviser to Ukrainian President Zelensky said it was not true that the country rejected restrictions on peace. Also, according to the adviser, it is “absolutely wrong” for Russia to stop the offensive, as the Kremlin says. Meanwhile, Ukrainian troops continue to offer relentless resistance.

rough terrain

The commander of the Dutch armed forces, General Onno Eichelsheim, is not surprised that Russia is struggling to defeat the Ukrainian army. Russians face difficult terrain in parts of Ukraine. That works against them, he says.

In addition, the morale of the Ukrainian troops is high. “They are ready to fight for the country,” the army chief said. The resistance they are currently dealing with is great and for him the war is far from being won. Eichelsheim thinks the longer the Ukrainians hold out, the less chance Russia has of winning this war. The extra time brings more challenges, such as resupplying soldiers and vehicles.

The British Ministry of Defense said Russia’s advance was likely slowed due to logistical difficulties and heavy resistance.

Source: NOS