Insulted by her facial hair, Annette grows a beard to raise awareness of her syndrome

Insulted by her facial hair, Annette grows a beard to raise awareness of her syndrome

It is the story of Annette Lawrence, an Englishwoman from Buckinghamshire who has suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome since adolescence, a disease that can also have serious repercussions on her external appearance.

Author: Antonio Palma

insulted live and on social media for facial hair that grows due to an illness she suffers from, in reaction, he decided to grow a beard and participate in an awareness campaign about the syndrome he suffers from. And the Annette Lawrence story, an Englishwoman from Buckinghamshire affected since her teenage years polycystic ovary syndrome.

It is one of the most common endocrine disorders in women of reproductive age. It is characterized by ovulatory dysfunctions, hyperandrogenism and the presence of polycystic ovaries. But the fact is that you can have heavy repercussions also on the external appearance with excessive hair growth, acne, alopecia, but also difficulty losing weight.

Also for Annette then Adolescence was very difficult because she was bullied for her appearance, especially being overweight and having acne. Then, from the age of twenty, even facial hair began to appear.

“At first there were just a few weird hairs on my upper lip but in my early thirties they started to grow more on my chin and when I got to forty-five the hair volume increased to the point that I had to start shaving” she told Newsweek, saying, “Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of criticism about my appearance. If I walk down the street without shaving, I see a lot of people looking at me and laughing at me. I’m used to”.

The turning point, however, when he decided to land on social media and in particular Tiktok. “I started posting videos and at the beginning of June this year. During the first live stream I didthe number of trolls and bullies was shocking. I wasn’t prepared for this; took me by surprise,” Annette said.

After being trolled so much, she decided in August that she would stop shaving. “I was so tired of online bullies telling me I shouldn’t have a beard that I thought, ‘Why do I have to shave with this syndrome?’ It’s not that I want to have a beard, but I should be able to choose.”

“One of the main reasons I decided to grow a beard was call attention to what polycystic ovary syndrome is and the easiest way to do that was to make people ask, “Why do you have a beard?” explained the woman, aware that she has helped many people in this condition.

Finally, in October Annette decided to shave again, but live, raising more than two thousand dollars for a charity that helps women and girls in the same condition.

Source: Fan Page IT