Drama in Costa Rica, a child dragged into the water and torn apart by a crocodile in front of his parents

Julio Otero Fernandez lived with his family in Matina, Costa Rica, and his life was shattered when he was just 8 years old: he was attacked by a crocodile in the Matina River. The tragedy unfolded in front of the distraught parents.

Author: Lorenzo Bonuomo

Julio Otero Fernández, killed by a crocodile in the Matina River, Costa Rica (Facebook)

A tragedy that astonishes him, the one that struck the Fernandez family in Matina, Costa Rica: the little Julio Otero Fernandez was paddling in the shallow waters of the “Rio Matina” when he was eaten alive by a crocodile. The reptile dragged him underwater before the parents’ shocked eyes.

“The most horrible thing for my wife was to see that crocodile floating with my son’s body”, were the words of Don Julio Fernandezthe child’s father, reported by Daily mail.

Horrified and shocked by the incident, Julio’s parents begged the authorities to do their best to find their son’s body and kill the animal that attacked him.

The research was hampered by heavy rains and came to nothing: “Our hypothesis is that the animal took the baby to its den, but there are many crocodiles and so many dens in that area. We have no idea what it is.” , said on the subject Tatiana Diazhead of the local Red Cross.

The child’s parents also announced their intention to leave the country – along with the other four children between the ages of 3 and 16 – and move to Nicaragua to get over the shock.

“It is impossible to continue living here, because in every corner of the house we find something that reminds us of ‘Julito’. This causes us a lot of pain – said the victim’s mother, who later added – they continue to protect the animals. attacking people. It’s scary to think that it could happen again.”

Grief naturally involved Julio’s brothers as well: “My other children try to strengthen each other – the woman finally reported – but I can’t help but notice that they are all very sad”.

Source: Fan Page IT