The perpetrator of the deadly attack in Brussels has been described as a “potentially violent extremist”.

The perpetrator of the deadly attack in Brussels has been described as a “potentially violent extremist”.

The man who stabbed two police officers in Brussels-North last night was known as a “potentially violent extremist”. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office and the Brussels Prosecutor’s Office described the action as a terrorist act at a press conference.

One of the survivors of the attack was previously reported to be 20 years old, but at a press conference this morning it turned out to be a 29-year-old cop. His 23-year-old colleague, who was stabbed in the arm, is no longer in danger.

Viewed in court

According to Belgian authorities, the perpetrator is known to 32-year-old Yassin M. Judicial. The perpetrator was jailed for multiple crimes between 2013 and 2019, but was never charged with terrorism.

Born in Brussels, M. was included on OCAD’s list of analyzing the threat in Belgium as a “potentially violent extremist”.

Last night, two police officers stopped their cars at a red light, whereupon M. walked towards the car. As the driver lowered the window, the perpetrator stabbed the police officer in the neck. The other police officer in the passenger seat was stabbed in the arm and was able to call for support. The police officer also stated that the perpetrator shouted “Allahu Akbar”.

After help arrived, the perpetrator was shot. The federal prosecutor said he was not in danger and would be questioned if his situation allowed.

The perpetrator asked for help

A few hours before the incident, M., who applied to a police station in Evere, was confused and asked for psychological help. He was taken to the psychiatric ward of a hospital, but left that hospital a few hours later.

Later that night, the police car of two young officers stopped and crashed into them. While the 29-year-old officer who was stabbed in the neck died in the hospital he was taken to, his colleague was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Belgium is shocked by the death of the agent. Police unions are “angry and disappointed” and want policy action.

“We can no longer really live with what has happened in this country in recent years: Violence against the police is taking unprecedented forms. This really needs to stop,” Carlo Medo, leader of the police union NSPV, told VRT.

The Belgian union VSOA speaks of a “renewed case of violence against the police” and warns politicians and the judiciary that the union will “react hard” with actions.

Source: NOS