The story of Tuan Tuan, the panda who brought China and Taiwan closer together

And it is that Tuan Tuan is not just a bear, but a symbol of more harmonious times between the two banks of the Taiwan Strait.

This panda is one of two specimens – a male and a female – that the then Chinese president Hu Jintao Taiwan in 2005 during a brief thaw following the visit to Beijing by then-Kuomintang chairman Lien Chan, then leader of the opposition on the self-governed island.

However, the bears only arrived in Taipei in 2008, involuntarily embroiled in a bureaucratic and political controversy, as the Taiwanese government refused to receive them because China sent them as a “domestic transfer between zoos”, implying that Taiwan was part of the Asian giant. .

A Taiwanese delegate at the time even compared pandas to a “Troy Horse” sent by Beijing and said about them: “they send them to destroy our psychological defenses”.

Finally, the problem was solved by using aseptic papers “Taipei, Taiwan” and “Chengdu, Sichuan” as the destination and origin of the shipment, without further details, and the pandas blossomed and even gave birth to offspring in 2013 and 2020, called two bear cubs Yuan Zai and Yuan Bao.

To make the symbolism of this gift substantial, the Chinese names of the first pair of pandas, Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan (the female), in combination mean “encounter”.

Source: El heraldo