Venezuelan government meets opposition in Paris

The purpose of the meeting is, according to the Elysee “supportthe dialogue to try to break the current deadlock and achieve “fair and transparent elections” in that country.

The dialogue between the Venezuelan regime and the opposition, which continued in Mexico, was cut short by an official decision in mid-October last year, and a series of underground contacts have so far not led to a restart of the conversations.

In this context, the Elysee placed the greeting between Macron and Nicolás Maduro on Monday during the climate summit in Egyptsomething that US climate envoy, John Kerry, also did.

For the French government, everything is part of an international process to try to resume contacts between the regime and the opposition, aided by a “new dynamic” in Latin America following the latest election victories of Petro in Colombia and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Brazil and by the reduction of sanctions from the US to Caracas.

Source: El heraldo