Former astronaut Kelly wins Arizona Senate seat, Democrats now up to 49 seats


Democratic candidate Mark Kelly won the race for the vacant Senate seat in the US state of Arizona, AP news agency reported. Kelly, a former astronaut who has served as a Democratic senator for the past two years, took over Blake Masters, a venture investor and Republican newcomer to the politics business, last week.

After counting more than 83 percent of the state’s vote, the AP is judging Kelly can no longer avoid winning. In the 100-seat Senate, both Democrats and Republicans won 49 seats. But the Democrats have an advantage: Vice President Kamala Harris tipped the scales in the Democrats’ favour, by a vote of 50 to 50.

Now Nevada and Georgia

Results in two federal states are not yet known. Georgia will get one next month run offElections will be held between the candidates of the two parties that did not win an absolute majority this week.

The votes are still counted in Nevada: Republican candidate Laxalt, who counted nearly 95 percent of the vote, is almost 1000 votes ahead of his Democratic rival Cortez Masto. It is not yet known when the result will come.

Four days after the election, it’s still unclear which party has the majority in the House of Representatives: Republicans currently hold 211 seats, while Democrats have 201 seats. 218 majority required.

Check out this interactive map for Senate results:


Source: NOS