Zelensky makes the accusation: after Kherson we will free Donbass and Crimea

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in a video posted on Telegram, says he is elated by Kherson’s release and announces the next goals. “Today we all feel the euphoria together. I don’t know if there’s a person who hasn’t seen the video of our people in Kherson meeting the Ukrainian liberators. And we’ll see many more such encounters. Let’s not forget anyone, let’s not leave anyone behind “, said the Ukrainian leader.

“It will be the same in Genichesk and Melitopol. We will go to all our cities and towns in Donbass. We will certainly see Ukrainian forces in Crimea, and there will be hundreds of flags in the streets on the day of liberation.” fight and work for the victory of Ukraine, thanks to those in the world who help us. Eternal glory to all those who gave their lives for Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, the administration of Russian occupiers in Kakhovka announced the evacuation of its personnel, urging civilians to do the same in the face of advancing Ukrainian forces. The announcement was made by the head of the pro-Russian administration, Pavel Filipchuk, in a speech to the population, quoted by Tass and Meduza. A town in the Kherson Oblast, Kakhovka is located on the left (east) bank of the Dnipro River, upstream from the hydroelectric power plant of the same name. “The government is now the number one target of attacks by Ukrainian forces. Kakhovka said on Telegram. The evacuation announcement follows the liberation of the city of Kherson by Ukrainian forces, following the withdrawal of the Russian military. Kherson is located on the right bank of the Dnipro, further south than Kakhovka.

Source: IL Tempo