Russia-Ukraine, Pope Francis moves down the grain corridor: risk of famine

Dear Director, in addition to the threat of nuclear armageddon, we are facing another apocalyptic bomb. In fact, the truce for the so-called wheat corridor, the one from Odessa to Istanbul, signed months ago by Ukraine and Russia with the mediation of the United Nations and with the Turkish Erdogan as the protagonist, expires in 6 days. and the deadline will not be extended, ships will no longer be able to set sail to transport grain and the food catastrophe will shock at least 15 large African countries such as, among others, Djibouti, Sudan, Senegal and Congo, in addition to some Southeast Asian nations to suspension of grain exports from India and, in addition, the blocking of fertilizers. But also for Europe and for Italy in particular it will be a tragedy linked to immigration that will disturb our shores even more. If Putin, now in great difficulty, does not accept the extension of the corridor, the price of wheat will rise to around 40%, making it impossible to supply many countries. At these times, confidential negotiations are taking place in Geneva with a new stone guest: the Vatican of Bergoglio which, through the good offices of the Secretariat of State, has re-established dialogue with Patriarch Krill thanks also to the work of the Secretary for Relations with States and International Organizations, the Californian Monsignor Michael Gallagher, who in recent months spoke with Giorgia Meloni. But what does Putin expect from the international community to extend the wheat corridor agreements again? An essential condition: the elimination of sanctions for Russian banks that deal in commodities with their reintegration into the Swift circuit. A condition currently considered unacceptable by both the European Union and the United States and NATO, so the tsar’s military ships are already sailing towards Odessa, ready to block any naval movement.

It will certainly be discussed at the G20 in Bali, where, alongside Biden and XI, will be Putin, officially absent for security reasons, in fact, he doesn’t want to leave Moscow, where many generals are starting to ask a lot of questions about the “operation special military” in Ukraine that is turning into a Caporetto. But what is Bergoglio’s Vatican doing concretely? Even though not even the Eternal Father can fully know what the Jesuits think, as the Archbishop of Milan Mario Delpini pointed out, it seems that Pope Francis let slip that behind the prisoner exchange between Ukraine and Russia there was Vatican mediation, a demonstration that the channels between the tsar and the pope are far from closed. Indeed, while Putin continues to decline invitations from the Vatican, Lavrov always leaves the door open. Three telephone conversations with President Zelensky, although the Vatican press office reported only two, as the third was functional to relax the tone after the wave of protests and insults that flooded Bergoglio from Kiev after the words he pronounced to regret Dugin’s daughter, calling her “a poor girl who flew in the air for a bomb”. As soon as he arrived in Rome from Bahrain, the Pope received the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, as the bearer of many messages. One of them would be related to what was leaked a few days ago: Leonid Sevastianov, president of the World Union of Old Believers, a schismatic of the Russian Orthodox Church, presented to the Russian press a card autographed by Bergoglio with which the Holy Father was offering the Vatican as a venue for talks between the United States, NATO, Europe, Russia and Ukraine “about food security”. Sevastianov alluded to unspecified “statements” by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who reportedly confirmed that “the Vatican is on the list of countries friendly to Russia and is neutral. NATO, the Vatican would be the ideal place for the talks».

Recently, on the occasion of Cardinal Parolin’s visit to the United Nations, on the sidelines of a confidential meeting with Lavrov, the cardinal was shocked to learn that the world war broadcast, until now only in the media, would be close to a real turning point. This is the reason for the audience between the Pontiff and Macron on the 24th of October, during which the French president asked Francis to open the diplomatic channel with Russia, on behalf of the entire West. In recent months, Bergoglio has finally understood how Vatican diplomacy, the Church’s true instrument of survival in the world, but neglected by him for so many years, can become central again. And with the renewed centrality of the Vatican, Italy could play an important role, as it did during the “First Republic”. Giorgia Meloni, who Bergoglio would have affectionately defined as the “little rubia” to say blonde and who, for her nationalist verve, could remind him of Evita Peron, could also get an important role for being a woman and also because she was new to games and intrigues. The ceremonials are already working to prepare for her first official visit to the Vatican after some cardinals in authority, from Parolin to Zuppi, from Sarah to Burke, have already met her several times in private, conveying very positive opinions. For Meloni, therefore, after the diplomatic gaffe with Paris (but in Chigi there is no one who thinks before releasing the press releases?) A great opportunity opens up, perhaps in the wake of the Bishop of Rome. We’ll talk about it at the next meeting, face to face, after all, Moro and Andreotti have been doing this for years.

Source: IL Tempo