They marry in church after being rejected 31 times for being gay: “We all deserve love”

They managed to get married in the church after being rejected 31 times for being gay. “We are believers and we wanted to get married in front of a parish priest – said the couple -. Everyone deserves to be united with the person they love”

Author: Gabriella Mazzeo

They were rejected by 31 churches in England, but eventually Shane Yerrell and David Sparrey were able to marry. The two, staunch believers, decided to get married in the church after facing a major health issue. As a gay couple, however, it was not easy to find a parish priest ready to celebrate their union: they ended up being welcomed by the church in Wanstead, east London.

There Wanstead United Reformed Church he said yes on the 32nd attempt, when the couple was about to give up. Shane and David managed to get married in front of their family on October 21st. “When we got the yes from the church, we jumped for joy – Shane Yerrell explained to the Mirror – David couldn’t believe it. Everyone deserves to marry the person they love wherever they want and that day was special for us, the light at the end of the tunnel” .

The couple told the English press that they met through a mutual friend in 2014. The two started life together in 2016 and after dealing with a series of family problems, they decided to fulfill their dream in the church. Acting as their union’s maid of honor, Shane’s 15-year-old daughter Tilly.

“We spent more than 15 hours on the phone to find a church willing to get married,” said Shane, who is also deputy mayor of Waltham Abbey. “In the end, when we were giving up, the surprise came. They were brave and we will always be grateful for that gesture.”

On October 21, David walked down the aisle with his mother Dawn Bond. Shane, on the other hand, was escorted down the aisle by his mother Maria and grandmother Iris. Behind them, their teenage daughter as maid of honor. Invite at least 100 people to the party, while another 40 joined the big party at Waltham Abbey City Hall.

“The LGBT community often lives in the belief that it is not possible to get married in church. We show that it is not true: anyone who wants to get married in church should not give up – Shane explained -. we are happy to be able to tell something like this. Special.”

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