Istanbul, explosion downtown. Dead and wounded on the street

The first toll of the explosion took place on Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul would be 6 dead and 38 injured. Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya reports on Twitter specifying that this is the first information and that the wounded are receiving the necessary treatment. A bomb in a bag could be the cause of the explosion. This was reported by the Turkish agency Mynet specifying that the authorities are examining the recordings of cameras used on the street, always full of people and tourists. One of the hypotheses investigators are focusing on is a terrorist attack. In any case, dozens of people were involved in the attack in central Istanbul and ambulances, firefighters and police arrived at the scene.

Images of the explosion immediately followed one another on social media. A fire and a roar as people strolling along Istiklal Avenue stop and come back. These are a few seconds of the first videos that began to circulate on the web, in particular on Twitter, about the explosion that took place in Istanbul. Other videos show ambulances and police cars circling the avenue, amid sirens and people screaming. In a video, posted among others by Fadi Al-Qadi, a lawyer and human rights activist, you can see images of people lying on the ground, hit by the blast.

Source: IL Tempo