Explosion among people on the street in Istanbul: at least 6 dead, 81 injured

Strong explosion on street in Istanbul: at least 6 dead and 81 injured, according to Al Jazeera reports. According to what was ascertained by the authorities, it would be an attack.

Author: Gabriella Mazzeo

UPDATE: The number of wounded in the Istanbul attack, which took place earlier this afternoon, increases. At least 81 people were injured in the blast that shook Istiklal Street in central Istanbul. There would still be six people dead at the moment. No Italians, as reported by Farnesina, were involved.

He was a suicide bomber to carry out the attack, blasting itself with explosives. Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay told the press, further explaining that of the six dead, four died at the scene of the attack and another two after hospitalization. Among the 81 injured, he added, two are in critical condition.

Videos of the incident were uploaded to the internet and show the crowd immediately fleeing after a violent roar. Ambulances, fire trucks and police arrived at the scene soon after.

The cause of the explosion has not yet been determined, but for the time being the shops were closed and the road closed to traffic. According to authorities, it could be a bomb used in an attack. Security measures around the area are very high these minutes.

Twitter photo
Twitter photo

According to the first reports, they are at least 6 people who died🇧🇷 The estimate of injured, on the other hand, is growing: 81 people would be transported to hospital after the explosion. Al Jazeera says that at the time of the explosion, the street was full of tourists and locals eager to shop. According to initial investigations, a stranger left a backpack loaded with explosives in the middle of the road. The dynamics will be clarified through the analysis of images from surveillance cameras in the area.

Everything happened in an absolutely unexpected way: in fact, since 2017 there has not been an attack of a similar magnitude in Istanbul. At the time, a man armed with an AK-47 entered a club where hundreds of people were celebrating the New Year and opened fire on the crowd. 39 people died in the attack and another 69 were injured.


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