He thinks he’s gone deaf: after years he discovers a piece of plastic stuck in his ear

A 66-year-old Englishman lived for five years with a piece of plastic stuck in his ear: he believed he was going to become deaf. After several failed attempts, including by doctors, the man managed to extract the foreign body by himself.

Author: Lorenzo Bonuomo

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A completely out of the ordinary story lived by a man living in Weymouth, UK, a former British naval engineer now retired.

Wallace Lee🇧🇷 66 years🇧🇷 suffered from hearing problems in one ear since 2017🇧🇷 For years the man believed that the complications were due to his past working in the noisy shipyards where helicopter engines were built, or to some injuries sustained in the past during rugby matches in which he participated. But that was not the case.

The almost surreal aspect of the story lies in the fact that Lee first solved the problem himself and then informed his otolaryngologist about the cure.

In particular – according to what the man told the BBC – Lee was able to extract with his hands the foreign body present in his ear canal: a fragment of an earplug.

The piece of plastic broke – according to what was claimed by the interested party – during a man-made flight to Australia in 2017. And there it stayed.

The last specialist who visited the veteran was unable to remove the small piece from the cavity because it was “stuck in a block of wax”. Despite several attempts at aspiration, in fact, Dr. Neil De Zoysa had dropped out on his last visit.

To succeed, the man used the special forceps of an endoscopic kit acquired on his own initiative: for the first time. A real relief.”

When he informed the ENT of his feat – Lee always said – the doctor would have been speechless.

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