Thousands of Belgian agents commemorate colleagues stabbed in Brussels

Brussels police pay homage to the 29-year-old police officer who was stabbed to death last week. Nearly a thousand police gathered in front of the Palace of Justice, who held a minute’s silence.

To commemorate the other police officers who lost their lives in recent years, the police and firefighter sirens there sounded for one minute.

The police officer in question was stabbed in the neck in a police car in Brussels-North on Thursday. He died in the hospital. A 23-year-old colleague was also stabbed. He was wounded in the arm and is now out of danger.

certain from the judiciary

The 32-year-old suspect was shot dead by police while trying to escape. He was then taken to the hospital. This Yasin M. is known to the judiciary and was previously in prison for various crimes.

M. would say “Allahu akbar” before stabbing the officers. The man was registered as “potentially violent” but had not previously been charged with terrorism. A few hours before his murder, he applied to the police station and, confused, sought psychological help.

M. was interrogated and allegedly threatened to kill the agents. He was then voluntarily transferred to a psychiatric hospital. He was fired from there a few hours later.

violence against the police

The police union ACOD blames Belgian Justice Minister Van Quickenborne and demands his resignation.

At today’s ceremony, a union spokesperson answered the question of how “this crime that has been declared” could not be prevented. Last week, the union spoke of the “xth case of violence against the police”.

Source: NOS