Emergency migrants, Antonio Tajani: Europe needs a common solution

Antonio Tajani takes stock of the issue of the migrant emergency. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Meloni government was in Brussels where he participated in the European Council on Foreign Affairs. A more relaxed atmosphere with France and a willingness to cooperate to find a community solution to the issue of landings. “We didn’t go into details, it was a political debate about the role that Europe should play in immigration. The theme was raised by us with great seriousness, firmness and determination, but to solve the problem, never against anyone – that’s why Minister Antonio Tajani – We are interested in solving the problem, seven thousand kilometers of Italian coasts are a European border, this issue must be understood by everyone. It seems to me that no one wanted to exacerbate the tones. We pose the problem. The tones were not fractured, it seems to me that there was a desire on the part of everyone for a European solution. Then there are those who want to speed up and those who don’t, but the will to resolve is common».

Tajani also highlighted the more relaxed atmosphere in diplomatic relations between Italy and France. “I had a long conversation with the French Minister for European Affairs”, Laurence Boone, “after the Mattarella-Macron conversation, the tones were evidently very calm compared to previous days – Tajani continues – It was a very positive comparison, we talked about the situation I told her what our position is, that there was no polemic intention on the part of France. The debate was also very calm, even with the intervention of the French minister”, he explained.

Source: IL Tempo