Covid in China, lockdown in Guangzhou after rising infections: protests and clashes with police


Protests in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, where entire neighborhoods have been in lockdown for days due to Covid outbreaks: in images released online, citizens can be seen clashing with the police and breaking anti-contagion barriers.

Author: Ida Artiaco


High tension in China, where Covid infections continue to rise. The last city to enter lockdown was the southern metropolis of Canton (also known as Canton), where 19 million people live and where the announcement of the ban on activities has given rise to a series of protests which also resulted in open clashes with the police.

I am a witness of this video circulated on the net and also shared by Stephen McDonell, correspondent from Beijing to the BBC🇧🇷 Some footage shows citizens overturning a police vehicle and overturning it. control barriers anti Covid.

In others we see chaos in the streets of the neighborhood Haizhuamong the poorest in the city and in confinement since last November 5 after the discovery of a focus of infections, with demonstrators protesting against workers in protective suit and tear down the barricades placed to limit freedom of movement between different zones. Many of them complain that, unable to go to work due to the lockdown, they cannot cope with the food shortage and prices are now skyrocketing.

among the last outbreaks in China, Guangzhou has the highest number of cases, with new daily infections of Covid-19 surpassing 5,000 for the first time, fueling fears of new lockdowns according to policy “zero-covid” carried out by Beijing since the beginning of the health emergency. Districts that are isolated are waiting for a reduction in the contagion curve that has not yet arrived.

Meanwhile, across the country, the number of infections continues to rise: the Chinese Ministry of Health reported yesterday. 17,000 new positives to the Coronavirus, the worst data since April. The Government, however, regularly defends its zero tolerance policy at all levels, even in the recent congress that allowed the re-election of the current president, Xi Jinping, for a third term in charge of the Asian giant.

Among the other cities affected by the restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus, there are also Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei, a province neighboring Beijing, which is subject to a series of tough measures due to the increase in infections. In recent days, however, anger against the lockdown has exploded. Lhasaafter eighty days of restrictions to which the capital of Tibet was subjected.

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