Even the Pentagon starts reversing: “We need more information about the missiles in Poland”

After the initial certainties, doubts now arise about what happened in Poland. It is still unclear whether the missiles launched by the Russians or the fragments that fell after the missiles launched by the Ukrainian defense hit NATO territories. For now, the White House remains cautious about qualifying events that took place on Polish soil. In a message posted on Twitter, Adrienne Watson, spokeswoman for the US National Security Council-a body placed under the direct responsibility of the president-said that she “could not confirm the information on the matter”.

The United States, however, says it is working with the Polish government to obtain more information: “We will find out what happened and determine what are the appropriate next steps to take.”

Minutes earlier, the Pentagon spokesman had also claimed to have “no element to corroborate” the information about Russian missiles that would have hit Polish soil. On the other hand, he made a point of recalling the American doctrine on the matter: “With regard to our security commitments and Article 5, it has always been very clear that we will defend every square centimeter of NATO territory”

Source: IL Tempo