Migrants, Le Pen debunks Macron: “Italy is right, the French government is a hypocrite”

“The French government’s accusations against Italy are deeply unjust and reveal a rejection of democracy.” That’s what Marine Le Pen, a member of the French National Assembly, said in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

Le Pen accuses the French government of behaving hypocritically towards migrants and criticizes President Emmanuel Macron’s work on the latest developments related to the arrival of migrants in Europe. The exponent of the opposition breaks a spear in favor of Giorgia Meloni: “The Italians elected Meloni, notoriously opposed to the illegal anarchist immigration that the NGOs try to impose on us. By refusing to disembark on the Viking Ocean, the government of Rome is only respecting the will of the Italian people. As for the French government, I find it hypocritical because it evokes humanitarian reasons, but in 2018 the Aquarius ship was rejected by France and was forced to sail to Valencia”, stresses to Corriere della Sera Le Pen presses his opponent Macron in relation to all the migrant reception system and also launches an attack on NGOs. “Why don’t the NGO boats, which I consider to be accomplices of the smugglers, not land in Algeria, or even closer in Tunisia? They are not ports are you sure? Hundreds of thousands of Europeans spend their holidays in Tunisia over the years. Are Tunisia’s ports safe for tourists and not for Ocean Viking? The truth is that the French government is in favor of immigration and does not want to say that”, explains leader of the French right.

Le Pen argues that until the policy on migrants is changed, the situation will only get worse. The objective must be to prevent the departure of non-EU citizens from their countries and this can be achieved with closed ports. “We need to move to arm wrestling: for example, no longer granting them to Algerians, including their leaders, and blocking remittances from Algerians from France to their families in Algeria.” During the interview, the French leader also underlined the importance of the primacy of the national interest, commenting on the actions of sovereign governments such as Poland and Hungary. “There is no inconsistency in the fact that each country thinks first of its own interest. I don’t want to receive migrants in my country and I don’t want to impose them on others. The European Union cannot impose migrants on people who do not want them, ”he concluded.

Source: IL Tempo