Kenji Fujimori was sentenced to 54 months in prison for influence influence

During the reading of the ruling, by Judge José Neyra, the court reviewed the expert report that verified the authenticity and originality of the audio and videos used as evidence in this case and concluded that they had not been manipulated or edited, apart from the name changes in the original files of a spy watch.

In addition, the chamber defended the legitimacy of Mamani’s recording of the footage, something that had been questioned by the now-convicts’ defense, and determined the validity of his statements.

During the talk, which lasted about three hours, Neyra read excerpts from meetings in which former congressmen tried to convince Mamani not to vote for the second motion to fire Kuczynski in exchange for construction project offers.

“What do you want, do you work for your region?” said Fujimori in one of them.

But the chamber insisted that since it had not been proven which works these conversations related to, which were rather about generic proposals, without specification, it did not consider the crime of generic bribery that the prosecution charged them with as applicable.

Instead, he claimed that “the criminal responsibility of each has been proven” of the defendants in the crime of peddling with heavy influence by affirming the existence of a “joint criminal plan” in two specific meetings in which the former legislators performance of plays.

Also in this case is Fujimori’s former adviser, Alexei Toledo, who was sentenced to four years in prison with deferred payment by the court, who announced that a hearing will be held on November 25 to read out the full sentence.

Source: El heraldo