Corona protest in Guangzhou city in southern China

Violence erupted during a protest against corona measures in Guangzhou city in southern China. Angry demonstrators destroyed barriers and a testing ground. An overturned police vehicle is also seen in the images on social media.

China continues to grapple with flare-ups of the corona epidemic. Nowhere is the number of infections as high as in Guangzhou. The number of new infections has recently risen to over 5,000 per day. Currently around 18,000 per day across China.

Many Guangzhou residents fear the lockdown measures will be extended. China is taking extremely strict measures to suppress the virus. This causes dissatisfaction among the people.

The city of Shanghai was quarantined for two months in the spring due to the rapid spread of the virus. Most of the population of 25 million was not even allowed to go out and shop. There was also a lot of criticism of the policy for the lack of adequate access to fresh food.

The Guangzhou riots occurred in the Haizhu District. “Yesterday the situation was very tense. Everyone has locked their doors,” a local resident told Reuters. He has not been able to leave his house for twenty days due to quarantine.

The municipal government and police in Guangzhou refused to respond to the news agency’s questions. The city has a population of 19 million. There are plans to build more emergency hospitals. There are currently six places to keep a total of 20,000 people under surveillance.

Source: NOS