Ukraine, Pentagon freezes Zelensky: “Military victory unlikely”

President Volodymyr Zelensky’s plan is unlikely to pass. “The probability of a Ukrainian military victory, including the expulsion of Russians from all of Ukraine, including Crimea, the probability of this happening soon is not militarily high,” said US Chief of Staff General Mark Milley. at a conference at the Pentagon. The senior official added that a political solution was possible, thanks to which the Russians would withdraw. According to President Joe Biden’s top military adviser, Russia would still have significant fighting power inside Ukraine despite military setbacks.

Milley also spoke about the situation in Asia, because any Chinese attack on Taiwan would be as serious a strategic mistake as the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “I think it would be unwise, it would be a political mistake, a geopolitical mistake, a strategic mistake, similar to the strategic mistake that Putin made in Ukraine,” Milley specified, stressing, however, that no attack on Taiwan is imminent.

About the missiles that fell in Poland and that left the world in suspense in the face of the possibility of the outbreak of a world war, the Pentagon said nothing “contradicts” what Polish President Andrzej Duda said, according to which the rocket was not launched intentionally from Moscow. “We are still gathering information – Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said – but we have not seen anything that contradicts President Duda’s preliminary statement. The explosion is most likely the result of Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles that caused the missile to land in Poland.” “But the world knows – he added – that Russia is primarily responsible for the accident. Russia has launched another number of missiles against Ukraine with the specific intention of hitting civilian infrastructure. This tragic accident reminds us once again of the reckless behavior of the Russia’s choice of war. Ukraine has an unshakable right to defend itself and we will continue to support the Ukrainian people in its defense.”

Source: IL Tempo