In Kherson, a “horrible level of torture” by the Russians: Ukraine’s denouncement

Conflict in Ukraine

According to Ukrainian authorities, “horrible torture” of civilians by the Russian army was found in Kherson.

By Gabriella Mazzeo

Conflict in Ukraine

The extent of torture uncovered in Kherson is “horrific”, according to Ukrainian authorities. According to what was disclosed, the government of Kiev Detected war crimes in Kherson after the abandonment of Russian troops. After the withdrawal of troops from Moscow, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reported that the city lacked food and water. “The Kremlin army destroyed all essential service infrastructure before leaving the city: the population has no means of producing bread and no access to clean water,” he said.

Immediately after the reconquest of the territory, Kiev also reportedly identified two torture chambers used by the Russian army to torture political opponents. There are still many stories collected in recent days by the Ukrainian authorities about mass arrests and violence to the detriment of the population. Hundreds of people are missing: according to initial estimates, at least 600 civilians have been kidnapped.

The survivors’ stories follow a recurring pattern: Russian troops allegedly raided homes and took suspects of “collaboration” with Ukrainian authorities, accusing them of hiding weapons to Kiev. Civilians were taken with a bag over their heads to temporary detention centers.

Here they came interrogated and beaten by Russian armed forces soldiers. Some were then released, while others were lost. Some were reportedly transferred to detention camps in Crimea, while others were executed. It is not clear where the bodies were hidden: it is feared that there could be mass graves into which hundreds of corpses of civilians and political opponents taken by force were dumped.

Source: Fan Page IT