The story of the Polish journalist: “Explosion heard up to 30 kilometers, inhabitants in shock”

Conflict in Ukraine

The testimony given to by journalist Aleksandra Dunajska Minkiewicz from the place where the missiles landed in Poland on Tuesday night: “The inhabitants of Przewodów, still in a state of shock, thought that a gas cylinder had exploded. The victims? Great workers. He called for a 4-day municipal mourning”.

Edited by Ida Artiaco

Aleksandra Dunajska Minkiewicz.

Conflict in Ukraine

The inhabitants of are still in a state of shock Przewodów, the Polish village on the border with Ukraine where two missiles landed on Tuesday night, killing two people. “An accident”, defined President Duda, while investigations continue to determine the exact dynamics of what happened.

This can be well understood by the testimony of Aleksandra Dunajska Minkiewicz, journalist from Polsat Newsthe Polish generalist television network, which rushed to Przewodów to report on what was happening that could have changed the course of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Aleksandra, how did Polish citizens react after the missile landed?

“The residents of Przewodów are still shocked by what happened. They say Tuesday’s explosions were heard up to 30 kilometers away.

A resident of neighboring Białystok told me: ‘My wife and I were having breakfast and suddenly we heard a bang. I thought a gas canister had exploded somewhere. When we left the drying room, we saw smoke.”

What can you tell us about the two victims?

“Neighbors tearfully remember the two men who died in the explosion. They were 58 and 60 years old. Both were named Bogdan and worked at theagrocom: one was a warehouse worker, the other a driver.

‘They were hard workers, helpful and friendly. The man who worked at the warehouse was busy helping Ukrainian families who arrived in Przewodów after the start of the war,’ Ryszard, a friend of the victims, told me. ‘It’s hard to believe what happened. They may be alive, but it’s unfortunate that they were in that place at that time,’ he added.

How did local authorities deal with this crisis?

“The mayor of the municipality of Dołohobyczów (where Przewodów village is located) announced a four-day period of municipal mourning. ‘This has never happened in our municipality, but when I got up this morning, I had no doubt that now it was necessary’ , explained Grzegorz Drewnik to journalists.

On Wednesday, Drewnik’s boss and star of Hrubieszów, Aneta Karpiuk, visited the families of the victims of the explosion. They stated that they received psychological and material help. In the evening, in the Church of St. Brother Albert in Przewodów, the inhabitants prayed for the two dead.

The school in Przewodów was closed on Wednesday: the mayor decided that it would be better, for the well-being of the children.”

Is the area where the missiles landed currently accessible?

“The police still haven’t allowed anyone to enter the explosion site. People who lived in the immediate vicinity of the greenhouse where the explosion took place had to show their identity cards to get to their homes.

At the scene, authorities are trying to explain what happened. On Wednesday, police also searched the surrounding fields for dangerous fragments.”

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