Ukraine, Podolyak Aims High: War May End Before Territories Are Liberated

The war with Russia may end even before the complete liberation of the occupied Ukrainian territories. Speaking at the press conference is Mykhailo Podolyak, a Ukrainian presidential adviser. Volodymyr Zelensky’s supporter thus commented on the statement by the US joint chief of staff Mark Milley, according to which there is little chance that Kiev will be able to expel the Russians from all areas under its control, including Crimea, in the near future : “ I will just remind you that on February 24th they said that the probability of Ukraine resisting was zero percent. Today nine months have passed since this war and Ukraine is in a phase of counter-offensive and real progress is being made in the liberation of its territory”.

Is a complete one hundred percent military victory possible? The other question asked Podolyak, who replies: “Maybe it’s a little different. For example, we will move forward to the Lugansk or Donetsk regions and a large city occupied by the Russian Federation for eight years, for example Lugansk, will fall and after that irreversible processes will begin in the political elites of the Russian Federation and in the society of the Russian Federation. Thus, the war may end even before releasing everything by military means, as Russia will have lost the war.” At this stage, the adviser called for “more specific military help” now that the conflict has turned into a “missile war”. “We need to focus on this, for example, additional air defense, anti-aircraft defense, additional anti-drone systems, so Ukraine will come to the conclusion that we consider correct, emphasized President Zelensky, the liberation of the entire territory of Ukraine,” concluded Podolyak.

Source: IL Tempo