North Korea launches missile again after weeks of hiatus

The South Korean military has confirmed that North Korea fired at least one “unidentified projectile” into the east. The launch took place less than two weeks before the March 9 presidential election in South Korea, when international attention turned to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

main role

Leading conservative presidential candidate Yoon Suk-yeol last week warned that North Korea could view the crisis in Ukraine as “an opportunity to launch its own provocation”.

The Stalinist leader of the demarcated country, Kim Jong-Un, seems to be sending a signal that North Korea should be seen as a major player on the international political stage.

olympic break

The last North Korean missile test took place on January 30, when a ballistic intermediate-range missile was fired. This rocket was the last part of a record month in which mainly short-range rockets were launched.

The interruption of the past few weeks was most likely related to the Olympic Games in China. North Korea did not want to offend the ally by showing interest in this sporting event.

Source: RTL