North Korea launches missile for first time since January

North Korea has tested the missile for the eighth time this year. The Japanese Coast Guard reported that it was most likely a ballistic missile. The South Korean military also confirmed that North Korea had fired at least one “unidentified projectile” toward the east.

The missile was fired from a base near the capital Pyongyang. This is the first North Korean missile test since January. The country launched a record number of missiles this month, more than in all of 2021.

In January, these were mainly short-range missiles. On January 30, a medium-range rocket was launched, reaching an altitude of 2000 kilometers. North Korea can be seen from space in photos believed to have been taken from the missile.


North Korea stopped launching missiles after the start of the Winter Olympics in China. Experts had predicted that the communist country would resume its testing program after the Games; China is the main ally of its neighboring Stalinist country.

The launch took place less than two weeks before South Korea’s presidential election on March 9. Presidential candidate Yoon Suk-yeol warned last week that North Korea could view the crisis in Ukraine as “an opportunity to launch its own provocation”.

Source: NOS