She goes to mow the lawn and is run over by the trailer: she loses both legs and an arm

A woman has lost both legs and an arm after being hit by a lawn tractor in Australia: the woman was transported to hospital aboard a helicopter. The police investigate the dynamics of the accident.

Edited by Lorenzo Bonuomo

Source: LaPresse (archive)

ONE 61 year old woman was seriously injured after a terrible accident on a farm near Ballandeana rural town southwest ofAustralia: According to local media reports, the victim was run over by the lawnmower of a tractor he was using to cut the grass. Has lost both legs and an arm🇧🇷

Rescuers from the “Queensland Ambulance Service” intervened at the scene, who urgently transported the victim by helicopter to the Princess Alexandria Hospital from brisbane🇧🇷

According to reports, the woman was accidentally hit by the trailer, but there is still no official confirmation on the exact dynamics of the accident: Queensland Police are still investigating to clarify. The incident occurred shortly before 12:00 (local time).

“He suffered severe multiple injuries to his limbs, but he was conscious and managed to speak to rescuers, who were able to stabilize his condition once they arrived at the property,” he told the local broadcaster. 7news Stephen Johns, spokesman for the Queensland Ambulance Service – It is a miracle that shortly after the accident the victim was able to pick up the phone and call for help immediately, otherwise we would be talking about an absolute tragedy today. I’ve never seen or heard anything like it.”

The woman is currently hospitalized in an extremely critical condition: the victim has not yet been declared out of danger and further updates are awaited by the medical staff of the Princesa Alexandria Hospital, a highly specialized unit – according to the websites of the authorities of Brisbane – precisely in the treatment of severe trauma.

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