Putin, the secret plan to take over Belarus. “Attempted Assassination of Lukashenko”


The axis between Moscow and Minsk seemed very solid a few months ago, with analysts giving as concrete the hypothesis that Belarus could enter the war on the side of Russia in Ukraine. A circumstance that did not occur, but now the scenarios have changed so much that the Kremlin now wants to drag the allied country into the conflict at all costs. But how? Russian leader Vladimir Putin is planning an “attack” on President Alexsandr Lukashenko, writes the American research center Robert
Lansing Institute, citing senior Russian military sources.

According to the reconstruction, on his return from the summit of the CSTO military alliance in Yerevan, Armenia, Putin ordered his military intelligence to prepare an attack against Lukashenko. Two scenarios are being studied by Gru, the military secret services. A false attempt to kill Lukashenko, with the aim of intimidating him and forcing him to go to war against Ukraine on the side of Moscow, or else his death. In the latter case, CSTO Secretary General Stanislav Zas, described as loyal to the Kremlin and under GRU control, would rise to the leadership of the country.

In both scenarios, ‘evidence’ would be shown of the involvement of the United States, Poland and Ukraine in the attack to bring Minsk into the war on the side of Moscow. However, Moscow’s objective would be a merger of the two armies under the command of the Kremlin. Even if Lukashenko remained alive, he would effectively be removed from power and the country would move towards a merger with Russia.

Source: IL Tempo


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