Italian woman arrested in Istanbul during demonstration against violence against women


A young Italian activist was arrested on Friday night in Istanbul, Turkey, during a demonstration held that day against violence against women.

By Chiara Ammendola

Protesters in Istanbul (photo Mor Dayanışma)

an italian woman he was stuck for Istanbul during a demonstration held on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The young activist, it was found, is still being held by the police in the Turkish city, as confirmed by Farnesina, who made it known that she is in contact with the young woman’s father and with the Turkish authorities.

Yesterday afternoon, the Turkish association of women activists denounced the arrest of the young Italian Mor Dayanisma, according to which an Azerbaijani woman was also detained after taking part in the demonstration. In a post shared on their social networks, Mor Dayanisma activists write: “Two women, from Azerbaijan and Italy, remain in detention and may be expelled.”

The association also denounced a “violent police repression” against demonstrators with dozens of arrests during the march. The scenario was also confirmed by the French agency AFP, which spoke of an impressive mobilization of the police riot control who tried to stop the demonstration called in Taksim Square.

At the request of the “November 25th Platform”, a coalition of movements feminists, hundreds of protesters responded, including a few veiled women, who sang “Woman, Life, Freedom” in Turkish and Kurdish, taking up the anthem of Iranian women fighting against the mullahs’ regime.

Source: Fan Page IT


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