Intertwining with Russia and China, Rampini reveals: that is why Brazil does not apply sanctions


Brazil saw Lula’s return to power following his election victory against Bolsonaro. But some policy choices did not change in the passing of the baton between the two presidents, in particular those relating to the management of foreign policy relations. In the first place on the part of Brazil is the refusal to apply the economic sanctions decided by the West against Russia after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. The issue is analyzed by Federico Rampini in Corriere della Sera: “Brazil is part of the western hemisphere in the geographic sense, but it does not necessarily recognize itself in the geopolitical West. Like many emerging countries, a culture of anti-colonialist resentment towards the planet’s north continues to harbor. It is recognized in the new grouping of ‘non-aligned’ countries, which is not a true political movement like the Third World was in the First Cold War, but it is a de facto reality. They are the majority of Asian, African and Latin American countries, which perhaps condemn Russian aggression in Ukraine, but which do not want to participate in our sanctions. Even more than Russia, they are held back by the desire to have good relations with China.”

“The People’s Republic of China – explains Rampini – is by far Brazil’s main trading partner, surpassing the United States for a long time. Brazilian growth depends a lot on what Beijing wants to buy here, from energy to minerals and agricultural commodities. The European Union is not present enough to successfully challenge the two trends that influence Brasilia’s foreign policy. On the one hand, a conditioned anti-American reflex, on the other, Chinese economic conditioning”. And in this fragile bond with the EU there is also the role of Italy, which, like many other nations, snubbed the South American country.

Source: IL Tempo


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