USA, Joe Biden gathers family: candidacy for the 2024 elections is on the way


The countdown began in the quiet of Nantucket, the island off the coast of Massachusetts where the Biden family is vacationing. President Joe Biden and his wife Jill have begun to seriously consider the pros and cons of running for a second term in the White House. The decision will not be taken these days but since Thursday, reports the American press, the matter has been analyzed every day in the family. Councilors are pushing for the candidacy. According to the Bloomberg website, the final announcement is considered just a formality: it will be Biden 2024. The source of the news is not a secondary aspect: the Bidens are staying in a residence that belongs to the co-founder of Bloomberg, David Rubenstein, a great friend of presidential couple. “He will run – says Michael LaRosa, former adviser to the first lady – I don’t see who else could do it. The president has shown that he is not only an excellent politician on the campaign trail, but also a follower of facts. This is also not a secondary point of view. LaRosa is still linked to the first lady, it is possible that she knows her moods, knowing well how decisive Jill’s judgment was in the candidacy in 2019. The decision will be taken this month, the one traditionally dedicated to the family, which opened with the party Thanksgiving and will end with Christmas. The announcement will be made in January.

«My intention – the president had said at the beginning of November – is to go back to racing. But I respect destiny. And in the end I think this will be a decision taken as a family ». The Bidens spend hours walking along the beach, going to local restaurants and shopping. With them are the children Ashley and especially Hunter, the weak point of the issue, the one that will be the subject of a Republican inquiry in the House in the next two years. That’s an element the Bidens will weigh very carefully: campaigning on the news about their son, from controversial consultancies in Ukraine and China to the hypothesis of tax evasion, can be very tiring. Biden wants to make it clear in the family that this time it will not be downhill like in 2020. It will take great compactness.

Then there’s the age factor: Joe turned 80 on Sunday, a milestone that makes him the first octogenarian president in American history. He would campaign at age 82 and, if re-elected, resign at 86. “His age is a cause for concern,” admits Nantucket resident and Democratic supporter Wendy Beardsley. Polls show a slight improvement, but are still down compared to the beginning of the term: the approval rating, according to the average calculated by the FiveThirtyEight website, went from 53% on January 23, 2021 to 41.8 on November 23. The moment plays in favor of the candidacy: the results of the mid-term elections strengthened his position. The absence of an alternative weighs: the newspapers offer names, but no one convinces, from young talent Pete Buttigieg to Vice President Kamala Harris, from Senator Amy Klobuchar to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Biden is ready to take the decisive step, always taking into account his wife’s opinion, the true balance of the issue.

Source: IL Tempo


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