Prince Harry leaves Meghan Markle, “but five days ago…” The video before the drama


Mutual betrayals, furious fights and divorce rumors: what happens between Harry of England and Meghan Markle? The Dukes of Sussex escaped the meat grinder of the British media, obsessed with monarchy, to end up dispossessed by those overseas. For days now, American and Australian magazines have been circulating rumors about irrecoverable disagreements between the “Princess of Montecito” – as Meghan was nicknamed by neighbors – and her “crowned but gored” royal consort.

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The former actress would live a clandestine affair with bodyguard Chris Sanchez to console herself for Harry’s double life, who in turn would have a super secret and firm lover expecting an illegitimate child. A dynasty to pale Carlo and Lady Diana with Camilla’s third wheel or the Italian Totti-Ilary-Noemi triangle.

However, just 5 days ago, the Sussexes were smiling side by side: embracing, they paid tribute to Elton John at his farewell concert. Just a hint of Meghan’s annoyance towards her husband who spoke the most (he recalled the great friendship between the artist and her late mother) and stole the show. But the Duchess made up for it by bumping her head into Harry’s shoulder. So what is the truth? fake news? Or do they disguise themselves as worn-out celebrities waiting for the official announcement of who will have custody of Archie and Lilibet, the dogs and chickens in the garden? For now, if they’re acting, they’re doing it well.

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