Who is losing the war in Ukraine, the reveal video about Russian soldiers


The Dirty War: The Desperate Cold Death of Russian Soldiers. A video arrives from Ukraine that captures the full drama of the massacre that Russian President Vladimir Putin is carrying out against Ukrainians and his own people. The footage, posted by the @warnereta account, shows a drone from Kiev dropping a small grenade on 11 sleeping Russian soldiers huddled in a poorly dug trench on the front line east of Bakhmut. Tom Warner, former correspondent in Ukraine, clarifies: “It is surprising to observe how slowly men react, however much they manage to react. And it says a lot about why Russia is losing this war. A man starts to get up, just pushes his way through other groggy soldiers, a few feet from where the grenade landed, and goes back to sleep. Nobody tries to change positions before another grenade arrives. Three men don’t move.”

What this means? According to Warner, soldiers under orders from Moscow suffer from moderate to severe hypothermia, that is, when the body stops shivering and the mind goes into a stupor or even shuts down: “They were probably huddled all night without proper clothes or bags. . Night temperatures were between 0 and 4 degrees Celsius. Surely they are also sleep deprived. But most of all, they are desperate men in a desperate situation.”

The correspondent cannot help but underline that Putin put the Russians in danger, in fact, he condemned them to certain death: “Whether they were convicts enlisted in a paramilitary force or recent recruits in the regular army, they gave full control of their fate to people who treat them like garbage. They were allegedly ordered to hold their position and threatened with punishment or even death if they failed. But they didn’t get the goods or the training to keep warm. Their plight cannot be compared to the Soviet ‘cannon fodder’ that charged the Nazis, with no hope of their own but little contribution to victory. They die like blind worms in a well from the sheer incompetence of their commanders and the inability to take responsibility for their own destiny, achieving absolutely nothing.”

They are raw and cruel images, someone commented on them and Warner replied: “For so many people who add alcohol and / or lack of food to the causes: sure, they are possible, even probable, but such laziness or inaction among so many men must be hypothermia. Above all would put despair.

Source: IL Tempo


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