Jens Stoltenberg: NATO’s doors are open for Ukraine

Ukraine in NATO, war against Russia and China’s role on the world stage. These are the topics addressed by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on the sidelines of the Foreign Minister’s meeting in Bucharest. “Russia is using winter as a weapon of war, which causes the Ukrainian people a lot of suffering.” Also for this reason “we will continue to provide unprecedented support to Ukraine – said Stoltenberg – We expect more attacks because Vladimir Putin is failing and is unable to conquer territories. We took decisions on the accession of Ukraine and Georgia in 2008, I remember very well from that summit. Since then, we have strengthened relations” with Tbilisi and Kiev. “I hope that the chancellors will reiterate” the concept that “the door of NATO is open. We demonstrated this by allowing Macedonia and Montenegro to become members, now Finland and Sweden are about to join the Alliance. “On Ukraine, we declare that it will become a member of NATO. I hope that the ministers reiterate this position”, he concludes.

Next, the spotlight turns to Beijing and its role in international power relations. «China is intensifying military modernization and increasing its presence from the Arctic to the Western Balkans – continued Stoltenberg – From space to cyberspace. The war in Ukraine demonstrated our dangerous dependence on Russian gas. It should also lead us to evaluate our dependencies on other authoritarian states. Not least, China. We depend on China for some key components and materials, as well as many of our supply chains. We will continue to trade and engage economically with China, but we need to be aware of our dependencies, reduce our vulnerabilities and manage risk.”

Source: IL Tempo