39-year-old personal trainer found dead by his mother on the couch in California: who was Oliver Bozzi

Oliver Bozzi moved to the United States with his mother after his parents separated. 10 years ago he opened a gym in Santa Monica, California.

Author: Biagio Chiariello

He had moved to the US to pursue the American Dream after his parents split up. He was slowly making it after opening “Train with Boz”, a gym in Santa Monica, California, ten years ago, but on January 11, he was found dead on the couch in his home.

Oliver Bozzia 39-year-old man from Montesardo, village of Alessano, in Salento, worked as a personal trainer: sculpted body, dozens and dozens of videos and messages posted on social networks in which he showed off his muscle mass.

He lived in the populous city on the Pacific coast. We are in the United States of America, in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The body was found by his mother, with whom Bozzi lived. It was she who alerted the emergency services. As it turned out, the 39-year-old coach enjoyed excellent health and nothing foreshadowed such an epilogue.

“I gave you everything I had and everything I wanted you to have – it was farewell to the mother entrusted to the web – rest in peace my beautiful boy. You gave me so much happiness, fly with the angels and claim your peace. May God I love you.”

The causes of death are still not entirely clear, even if everything indicates that it was a heart attack or an illness. Investigations by the American police would be underway to exclude the involvement of other people after a thorough search of the man’s home.

The news also spread quickly in the small town of Salento, where some of the man’s relatives live and where the father, who disappeared some time ago, had a bar. It remains unclear whether the 39-year-old’s body will be returned to its home country.

Source: Fan Page IT