“Enough criminal sanctions”: Nicolás Maduro to Joe Biden

“Enough criminal sanctions”: Nicolás Maduro to Joe Biden

“Enough of the sanctions. Gov. Joe Biden, lifts all criminal sanctions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, enough criminal penaltiesMaduro said during the year 2022 accountability before the National Assembly (AN/Parliament), with a resounding pro-government majority.

He indicated that, according to expert estimates, over the past 8 years “Imperialism and its weaklings and extremist lackeys have robbed Venezuela daily of $411 million out of its own pocket”, which he described as “a criminal robbery”.

Enough of the economic persecutionEnough with the financial prosecution. (…) Economic freedom, commercial freedom, financial freedom, freedom for Venezuela,” he said.

He indicated that “more than 927 sanctions” have been applied, of which 42.19% against government agencies, 18.75% against the oil industry and 17.19% against the country’s economy and finances, including the “ban on opening bank accounts for collect the products” to be exported and the “freeze nearly $20,000 million“.

Source: El heraldo