Top secret dossier in a Biden office. Trump: I’m waiting for the FBI attack

Top secret dossier in a Biden office.  Trump: I’m waiting for the FBI attack

As in an American retaliation law, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, is now at the center of the controversy, after the discovery in his office of confidential documents related to the time of the Obama administration. The “confidential” files were found in his private Washington office, loaned by the University of Pennsylvania as an honorary professor and occupied by Biden from 2017 to 2019. The discovery dates back to Nov. 2, six days before the midterm vote, 8 November 2019. which saw Democrats weather the impact of the Republican wave. What would have happened if the news had been given immediately and not kept secret for two months? The news finally broke and spread around the world while the president was in Mexico City attending high-level meetings with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Republicans immediately called for an investigation, Donald Trump called on the FBI to “search Biden’s many residences and even the White House”, while the tycoon’s son, Donald Jr., joked on Twitter: “Until yesterday, keeping documents was worth death penalty , I have the impression that now everything is going to change.” The fact that confidential documents ended up outside the White House, and were not handed over to the National Archive, the State Archive, as provided for by law, has raised doubts about the way of dealing with classified documents, but the conduct of the case is different from that involving Trump. The tycoon brought hundreds of confidential files to the resort of Mar-a-Lago, Florida, deliberately deciding not to return them, moreover, he returned only a portion after pressure from National Archive officials, the intervention of FBI agents was then necessary to recover the rest.

In the case of Biden, there is a double interpretation: for the conservative media, it is an unexpected obstacle from Biden and this confidential treatment of the story was not institutionally perfect. For progressives, it is proof of the president’s “impeccable action”. The reason? Lawyers immediately flagged the presence of confidential documents, immediately turned them over to state archives, and the Justice Department entrusted the investigation of how those files arrived to a Trumpian-appointed federal prosecutor, above reproach. But the fact is that the archives were away from the White House and locked in a private office. “Nothing has changed in our travel program – said a member of the Biden team – The president is focused on the summit and meetings with the leaders of the two neighboring countries”, that is, Mexico and Canada. However, whether the advisers and Biden discussed the matter was unclear. The president avoided talking about the subject during his several trips to Mexico City, hounded by the group of American reporters. Biden just smiled when, leaving a meeting, he was overwhelmed by requests for clarification on the “dossier” case. According to the reconstruction made by the American media, Biden would not have known the contents of the files, but would have known of their existence directly from the lawyers, to whom he had entrusted the task of cleaning and releasing the Washington office. . The documents were in a locked cabinet. The news was kept under wraps for two months, and developments are expected to emerge in the coming weeks. The case is in charge of John Lausch Jr., Chicago federal prosecutor, chosen by Trump in 2017.

Source: IL Tempo