Raped and killed a 15-year-old in 1975: pensioner convicted after nearly 50 years thanks to DNA

Raped and killed a 15-year-old in 1975: pensioner convicted after nearly 50 years thanks to DNA

Dennis McGrory, now 75, “will likely die in prison”. So did the judge when pronouncing a sentence of 25 years in prison (minimum) against the English pensioner who in 1975 raped and killed fifteen-year-old Jacqui Montgomery at her home in Islington, north London.

Author: Biagio Chiariello

AN retiree was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the rape and themurder of a teenager in her late 50s in what is the UK’s oldest double jeopardy case.

Dennis McGrorynow 75, sexually assaulted, stabbed and strangled 15-year-old Jacqui Montgomery at her home in Islington, north of London, in 1975. Tried the following year in a circumstantial case, he was acquitted of murder on the advice of a judge.

But nearly half a century later he was brought to justice after analyzes of the victim’s remains resulted in a “one in a billion” DNA match.

After a 2003 change to the double jeopardy law, McGrory’s case was referred to the Court of Appeal and sent for a retrial at the Old Bailey, the Crown Court.

The pensioner, from Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, had previously been found guilty of rape and murder at Huntingdon Court. condemning him to a minimum of 25 years and 126 days behind bars, Judge Bryan admitted that, given his age, he “in all likelihood” would he died at the prison.

“I have no doubt you intended to kill her that day. brutal assaultand – said the magistrate – . You subjected Jacqui to a terrible, violent and prolonged bald spotI laughed in his own home, a place where he had a right to feel safe. You have not shown an ounce of remorse or sympathy for Jacqui or Jacqui’s family,” the judge said.

During the trial, it was recounted that McGrory was “mad with rage” when he killed Jacqui while trying to track her down. ex-partner Josie Montgomery, who was the victim’s aunt.

“No doubt he was furious with rage and he wanted to hit his ex, Then the defendant vented his anger on a person close to Josie, namely Jacqui Montgomery, by raping and killing her,” said prosecutor Sarah Przybylska.

In a stunning statement read out in court, the victim’s sister, Kathy, said: “This abusive man who was somehow close to our family raped and killed my sister. He spent nearly 50 years as a free man doing what he wanted. I find it unbearable because my sister hasn’t even turned 16 yet. Her actions caused trauma to so many people and there were no consequences for him.”

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