Bullied at school for being gay, Lucas commits suicide at age 13

Bullied at school for being gay, Lucas commits suicide at age 13

Lucas, a 13-year-old French teenager, took his own life on Saturday after suffering homophobic bullying at school for a long time.

Author: Davide Falcioni

Lucas, a 13-year-old French teenager, committed suicide last Saturday after being a longtime victim of Homophobic bullying at school: according to family acquaintances, the teachers would have done very little to stop the constant harassment and would not have been concerned about the suffering of the very young boy.

Lucas attended Louis Armand de Golbey secondary school in the department of Vosges and was an active member of the LGBTQ+ community, as reported by French magazine Têtu and as he has repeatedly stated on his TikTok profile. “He was constantly harassed for his clothes, his manners, his presence”, explained Stéphanie, a friend of the family. “He didn’t hide and that bothered some people.”

Valérie Dautresme, director of academic services for the Vosges department’s national education system, said psychological support had been provided for high school students and teachers should they need it. The official specified that Lucas and his mother had denounced the homophobic slurs since last September, during a parent-teacher conference. “For us, right now, the situation has been resolved”. “Lucas said things were going well and he wasn’t being insulted at school anymore.”

However, a friend of the family contradicted Dautresme’s claim, claiming to the contrary that Lucas complained “again and again and again. Her mother asked for help several times. The school, where he spent three-quarters of his time, did not react “with which they can be investigated if elements of an offense are highlighted”.

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