Paris, girl found dead in washing machine: what happened

They looked for her everywhere, inside and outside the house, until they discovered that the three-year-old daughter, the fifth child, was locked inside the switched off washing machine. When her father opened the appliance door, the gruesome discovery with the dying little girl. The tragic story took place in Paris, in the 20th arrondissement. According to the local newspaper Le Parisien the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the French capital has opened an investigation to determine the causes and who is responsible for the tragic death. Rescuers who arrived at the discovery site were unable to revive the girl who died of suffocation.

Based on an initial reconstitution of the facts, the parents were having dinner in the apartment when, not seeing the child anymore, they became worried. Then the terrible discovery and the call to alert the emergency services. Second Le Parisien i the parents did not know exactly what the other children, aged 18, 16 and 7, were doing during dinner. According to the newspaper, the girl’s death may be linked to suffocation.

Source: IL Tempo