Five people were killed and dozens injured in the missile attack on Dnipro

At least five people were killed in a rocket attack on a residential building in the eastern Ukrainian city of Dnipro. According to the governor, 27 people were injured. The attack took place today with the Orthodox New Year.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy offered his condolences to the victims on Twitter. He says the wreckage is still being cleared and that we are “fighting for every human, every life.” He tweeted a video of the damage done to the apartment.

This is the first attack under the command of the newly appointed Russian commander Gerasimov. Military bloggers and analysts expected him to step up the fight when he was appointed. It wasn’t clear at the time exactly how.

Also missiles in other cities

Other cities in different parts of Ukraine were also bombed with Russian rockets. Local officials said the missiles targeted key infrastructure in Kharkov in the east and Lviv in the west.

The mayor said air defense systems and critical infrastructure were attacked in the capital, Kiev.

Several people were pulled from the rubble at Dnipro:

In recent months, Russia has regularly attacked key infrastructures in Ukraine, such as power plants, gas pipelines and nuclear power plants. As a result, millions of people are left without electricity and hot water, sometimes during the cold winter months.

Source: NOS