Writer Fakes Suicide, Charges For Funeral, Returns “To Life” After Two Years

Writer Fakes Suicide, Charges For Funeral, Returns “To Life” After Two Years

In 2020, the announcement of Susan Meachen’s suicide “motivated” by bullying. Now the woman is back on Facebook and has tried to explain why she did this.

Author: Biagio Chiariello

He had faked the suicide two years ago, discounting the fan collection for the funeral. Now the American writer, Susan Meachenannounced his “resurrection” on Facebook.

In September 2020 the “daughter” had announced the “Mother’s Suicide”, author of novels, on Facebook. In the following days, several posts appeared on the profile in which the girl said that “her mother” had been victim of bullying in the publishing world and who suffered to the point of wanting to die. Meachen’s “daughter” also encouraged people to buy her mother’s latest book.

On that occasion, the fans, in good faith, offered to pay the funeral expenses.

While for two years the entire world and her fans believed she was dead, two weeks ago Susan Meachen reappeared posting again on Facebook to declare that she had invented everythingor.

“I’ve thought about how to do this a million times and I’m still not sure if it’s right or not,” she said. “There will be tons of questions. I’m in a good place now and hopefully I can write again. And let the fun begin”he added, leaving fans dumbfounded.

In the post, she explained that her family spread the news after she actually survived a suicide attempt: “They did what they thought was best for me.”

But the writer’s most loyal readers they didn’t take his move well. “I think she believed that if she died, her books would get attention,” one of her fans told the BBC. “Now this is a new bet: ‘Hey, if I come back, everyone will be upset and maybe my books will become popular,’ instead of just being a good author.”

Source: Fan Page IT