The gear of metro line 12 was hit; They describe it as an unusual or intentional act

The gear of metro line 12 was hit;  They describe it as an unusual or intentional act

Traffic on metro line 12 at the Ermita station towards Mixcoac was halted early Saturday, the general manager of the Metro Collective Transport Service (STC), Guillermo Calderón Aguilera, reported this Saturday.

Guillermo Calderón, accompanied by government secretary Martí Batres Guadarrama, reported at a press conference on three “atypical or intentional” events affecting metro service.

The director of Metro stated:

This track device on the Ermita section represents an atypical route in the opposite direction to the movement of trains.

He emphasized that he was immediately attended to and readjusted so that his splint would work properly. “To ensure the 100% safe operation of our users”.

Likewise, it was determined that the trains running on the underground section of line 12 will be reviewed for the reopening of 9 stations on Sunday, January 15. In none of the transports was it possible to discover any element that could cause the box to collide.

Another recorded “intentional” event occurred early Saturday on Line 3 of the metro in the section of La Raza-Potrero station where a power cable was cut in the tunnel. The cable swayed.

The ‘whip’ of the hanging cable caused the windshield of a convoy of taxis to fall.

Calderón stated that one of the ventilation grilles – which had been “cut, injured” – had been opened by unknown persons to cut the cable.

Near the bars, they managed to find 150 feet of cable that matched the counterfeit cable.

two “atypical” events were reported to the prosecutor’s office to take appropriate action.

The third episode took place at the Santa Anita station on line 8, a man intentionally or accidentally throwing a can of beer. causes a short circuit. The person responsible has not been arrested.

Another event occurred on Friday the 13th, when the capital’s prosecutor denounced the arrest of a woman who threw a plastic tarp onto the runway on the platforms of the Medical Center.

In other words, there were 4 “atypical” events in Metro facilities in the past few days, which caused the service to be suspended.

When asked if there are elements that classify the collected episodes as “Sabotage”, Martí Batres indicated that the government of Mexico City will not speculate and will wait for the verdict of the investigation launched by the capital’s prosecutor .

Source: La Neta Neta