Neighbor of arrested ISIS suspect: “You don’t expect this”

In the district where the alleged leader of ISIS in Arkel was arrested today, the public reacted with surprise to the arrest.

A neighbor of the suspect woke up early this morning when the man was arrested. “Around half past three there was a terrible noise. I heard a kind of chainsaw squeak. I got up in my bed. I decided to look out the window and then I saw all the men. All the noise, vans, cars. “

Check out the interview with the neighbor here:

The woman saw that no one was arrested. “He’s been busy all morning with all kinds of police officers. It was exciting for me and my girls. It’s frighteningly exciting.”

The suspect lived with his wife and children with the woman. At first he was alone there, then his wife and daughter came to him. “They are actually very friendly people,” says the neighbor. “We never expected such people to live next door. They came to bring us food to promote their culture.”

Nike and jeans

When her son was born, the female neighbors also visited. The fact that the man is the leader of ISIS is a complete surprise. “These are very friendly people.

The family also dressed differently. “She wore Nikes, she wore jeans, nothing special. She walked them in athletic tights. It is not strange at all.”

The 37-year-old was arrested today for allegedly playing an important role in the Syrian civil war within the terrorist organizations Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS. The suspect will appear before the investigating magistrate in The Hague on Friday.

Source: NOS