People all over the world are sharing a video of a Carmarthenshire man who performed an impressive stunt at his local pub last month. A Welsh social media account shared a video of Ryan Jones, 48, deftly picking up a pint with his teeth, with the caption asking: “Why? And why are they all Welsh?

We’ve now tracked down the man behind the video, and while we haven’t answered any of those questions, we’ve learned more about the legendary beer guzzler.

Ryan is known locally as ‘Farmers’ or ‘Farmerotti’ because he was born in his local pub, the Farmer’s Arms in Penygross near Llanelli, and is compared to the great opera singer Pavarotti by friends and family for his love of singing. The father and truck driver was clearly destined for drink, having spent his first few minutes in a bar and owned a bar for years.

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Ryan “Farmerotti” Jones

During a typical December night spent drinking in a local pub, ‘the lads’ asked if he could still do the old pub trick he used to show them. But when a friend filmed him drinking a beer from two glasses, of which he could only touch one, Ryan didn’t expect it to reach millions of viewers. You can read more stories about Carmarthen here

“I’ve been doing this for about 30 years,” he said of the trick a friend taught him as a teenager. “I have many tricks, this is just one of them. I’ve run over ten pubs over the years,” he added.

At a time when he was in the spotlight as a highly influential beer drinker and, frankly, a cultural icon, Ryan said the fame soon faded. “It was good the first day, but then the calls didn’t stop. I turned off my phone for two days.

With the likes of LadBible and Piers Morgan sharing the video, Ryan said he was getting calls from newspapers and radio shows wanting to know more about the man behind the beer and the people hitting him on the back in the street. The daughter even said that she was fed up with people asking for him on the bus. Despite the fame that beer brought him, Ryan tries to stay away from it and today considers himself more of a whiskey drinker. You can get more Carmarthenshire news and other updates straight to your inbox by signing up for our newsletters here.

Despite spending much less time at the bar than before, Ryan still boasts that he can pull off the trick with a pint of beer, as he says many people have made it easier for him by using less liquid. “The hardest part of the trick is getting the glass off the table,” he explained. Since then, Ryan or “Farmerotti” has had to perform the feat three times in a row in less than five minutes, so keep your eyes peeled for more videos of Welsh drinking in action.

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