Greta Thunberg arrested by German police | Video

Greta Thunberg arrested by German police |  Video

Greta Thunberg was arrested by German police along with other activists on Tuesday when she took part in one of the protests against the demolition of the mining village in the town of Lützerath.

A video shared on social networks shows the moment when a group of police They carry the young woman to expel her from the country.

Thunberg did not resist arrest and smiled as he was escorted to a passenger car.

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The Swedish activist joined the Garzweiler 2 open-pit mining protest last Friday.

On January 15, the police reported that they had ended the clearing operation in the town of Lützerath to increase mining operations after strong opposition from environmentalists.

After emptying all buildings last Friday, police released the beginning of the eviction of 35 tree structures next to 30 wooden structures built by the activists last Wednesday.

A total of nearly 300 activists were evacuated from Lützerath during the campaign, with four acts of resistance to the eviction being recorded.

On Saturday, a broad alliance of organizations against lignite mining and the demolition of Lützerath organized a march in which the Swedish activist also took part.

On the sidelines of the peaceful march, protesters attempted to bypass police cordons to enter the isolated town and the edge of the mine, with police using water cannons. pepper spray and batons and made twelve arrests.

Müller defended the action of the security forces, arguing that if there were protesters yesterday who bypassed the police barriers and, despite repeated calls, did not fail to embarrass the officers, “it has nothing to do with a peaceful protest, but with deliberate and deliberately seek confrontation with the police”.

More than 70 police officers were injured and nine activists were taken to hospital since the operation began, the statement said, although no serious injuries were reported.

About thirty police vehicles were damaged and 32 tires of security forces cars were also punctured.

Since the start of the eviction, 154 criminal investigations have been launched.

Source: La Neta Neta