One hundred Ukrainian soldiers are in the US for training in the use of Patriot missiles

One hundred Ukrainian soldiers are in the US for training in the use of Patriot missiles

war in ukraine

Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder announced that “training of Ukrainian soldiers to use the Patriots has begun and will last for several months”.

Author: Davide Falcioni

war in ukraine

“Training of Ukrainian soldiers to use Patriots has already begun and will last for several months.” This was announced yesterday by Pentagon Spokesperson Pat Ryder at a press briefing on training Kiev forces at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

There are a hundred Ukrainian soldiers involved in training: they will be trained not only to correctly use Patriot batteries, but also to effectively carry out the necessary maintenance autonomously.

Months ago, Ukraine asked the United States for the Patriot surface-to-air missile defense system, weapon capable of hitting aircraft, cruise missiles and short-range ballistic missiles. During his visit to the United States in late December, President Volodymyr Zelensky said the batteries would make a significant difference in bolstering Kiev’s defenses against a Russian invasion at a time when Moscow was launching hundreds of rocket attacks a day against infrastructure. power.

The Netherlands will also send a Patriot battery

Meanwhile, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, on a visit to the White House yesterday, announced that the Netherlands will also make its contribution by supplying Ukraine with a Patriot battery. The agreements with Americans and Germans have not yet been finalized, but the prime minister has already wanted to announce it. “The idea is: not just training, but also equipment.”

According to Rutte, “the West has every reason” to support Ukraine militarily. “Not only are our values ​​being attacked here, but the situation would also directly affect our security if Russia succeeds in Ukraine, so this must not happen.”

Ukraine’s allies are under pressure from Kiev to provide more air defense systems after a Russian missile hit an apartment building in the eastern city of Dnipro on Saturday, killing at least 45 people, including six children.

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