New Zealand PM Ardern announces departure: ‘No more energy’

Jacinda Ardern will step down as Prime Minister of New Zealand next month. She announced this at a press conference, she. In his own words, the 42-year-old leader of the SPD no longer had the energy to run the country.

“It’s easy,” Ardern said of her decision, which Australian media described as emotional. “I am human, politicians are human too. We give our best while we can. And then it’s time. Now is the time for me.”

Ardern, who has been prime minister since 2017, said last summer he considered his future in politics. He later concluded that he did not want to continue as New Zealand’s political leader. “I know what it takes for this job and I know I’m running out of fuel,” he said.

corona approach

During the Corona crisis, Ardern was praised internationally for her approach. New Zealand has been on lockdown for foreign visitors for months and has therefore managed to keep the virus out for a long time. As infections were registered, the Ardern government imposed strict lockdowns even when only one or a few positive corona tests were reported.

While this zero-Kovid strategy has limited the number of corona deaths in New Zealand, Ardern has also come under criticism for its strict rules. Among other things, residents accused their prime minister of not taking enough account of New Zealand’s economic interests, which normally make a lot of money from tourism.

Ardern was one of the youngest prime ministers in the world, at 37, when he took office more than five years ago.

She gave birth to their daughter Neve during her tenure. He became the second prime minister in the world to take maternity leave. She later said she didn’t want to be known as “the female lead who gave birth to a baby,” although she realized that many found it interesting.

“I hope I can achieve enough to be recognized as someone who means something to New Zealand,” Ardern said in 2019.

Attacks and volcanic eruption

In addition to the Corona crisis, Ardern, as Prime Minister, had to deal with the attacks on two mosques in Christchurch in March 2019 that killed 51 people. In December of the same year, 21 tourists died in a volcanic eruption on White Island. Ardern was heavily involved in the rescue operation.

Ardern is expected to leave on February 7. His successor will be voted on in the coming days. Elections in New Zealand will be held on 14 October.

Source: NOS